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Improving tree carbon use efficiency for climate-adapted more productive forests

Project description

Estimates of plant respiration to predict tree carbon use efficiency in changing climate

Forests’ wood production and net carbon uptake are dependent on tree carbon use efficiency (CUE), which is determined by gross primary production and respiration. However, scientists are unsure how future climate changes will affect CUE since it is unknown how plant respiration will respond to more severe temperature rises. The drivers of change in CUE therefore need to be identified and CUE increased to enhance wood production and carbon stocks under future climatic conditions. The EU-funded iCUE-Forest project will develop novel data-driven estimates of plant respiration, net primary production and tree CUE covering the entire northern hemisphere boreal and temperate forests. It will also detect tree species-dependent spatial relationships between CUE and climate variables and use a dynamic global vegetation model to predict the changes in CUE in response to future climate.

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