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A new avenue in the hunt for dark energy

Project description

Sun’s oscillations could reveal clues about new gravitational forces in the Universe

In 1998, scientists were surprised to discover that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating because this ran counter to the predictions of General Relativity. Since then, this has been dubbed as the 'dark energy' problem. Its explanation requires an extension of General Relativity. The most popular approach has been through the introduction of a new gravitational force ('fifth force'), mediated by a scalar particle. The EU-funded DhostHunt project plans to introduce a new framework of unprecedented precision in the search for new gravitational forces in the Universe by combining studies on solar evolution and helioseismology. The approach will constitute a novel and interdisciplinary line of research that will impact future research in cosmology and astrophysics. The discovery of new constraints on the fifth force from helioseismology will further our understanding of new gravitational forces in Nature, and will guide the future modelling of dark energy and scalar field theories in general.


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