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Unassisted photochemical water oxidation to solar hydrogen peroxide production

Project description

Hydrogen peroxide could help heal the wounds of human activity on the planet

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has important potential as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. It can be produced in a solar cell exploiting the photochemical reduction of oxygen (O2) from the air and then used to generate electricity via H2O2 fuel cells. However, the photocatalytic production of H2O2 has remained a technical challenge, and, to date, there is no photocatalyst able to do the job unassisted – without the use of other materials or compounds. The EU-funded USHPP project is planning to deliver a solution for unassisted photochemical water oxidation leading to solar H2O2 production. The success of this endeavour will have a significant impact on the use of clean, sustainable, energy-dense H2O2 as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Net EU contribution
€ 224 933,76
Newport Road 30 36
CF24 0DE Cardiff
United Kingdom

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