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saFety And Resilience guidelines for aviatiOn


Case Studies

Description of the case studies which will be used to validate the safety and resilience performance models, definition of the safety and resilience indicators, and finally, the identification of the dimensions of the data which will be required to develop the case studies.

Validation Plan

Generic Validation Plan (VALP) describing how to perform analysis combining SPFs and resilience model by ATM Operational Experts on selected current and future ATM concepts.

Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication Plan

Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of results (PEDR) and the communication plans.

Data and Report Analysis and Processing

Report describing the NLP and ML techniques used to extract meaningful knowledge from the safety reports. The results will include the identification of safety performance indicators and dimensions derived from the analysis of the results of the application of the NLP to a variety of safety reports.

Data, Computing and Visualization Requirements

The report derives the information management requirements in terms of: - Data acquisition requirements - Data management requirements In addition, it provides a preliminar analysis of the computational requirements for the FARO development.

Data Pipeline

Report detailing the data acquisition process and description of the data which will be available for WP4, WP5 and WP6, commensurate to the case studies selected in WP2.

Resilience Model Description

Report covering the analysis and results from the analysis of T5.1 and T5.2. It will cover: 1. The analysis of the solution packages (associated to the case studies in T2.4) to define the landscape of the new operational environment. 2. Results from the analysis of the safety data before and after the solution package to explore the resilience performance. 3. The summary of the contributions of the workshop with operational actors and system designers. The conclusions of the report will include the to identification of the benefits of changes to the work system, including the identification of those that add sources of resilience

Project Scope

Report covering the project scope and general approach. It will cover the inputs from the Advisory Board members and aligment with the SJU, a review of the State of the Art in Safety and resilience domains in aviation and other transport modes (train, road).