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Metropolis 2: A unified approach to airspace design and separation management for U-space


Concept design report

This report describes the three developed concepts and their commonly developed implementation aspects

Final activity report

A Final Report will be submitted after the end of the project This document provides an overview of the entire project it includes a publishable summary of the project describes the dissemination activities implemented and the social impact of the project

Simulation platform update report

This document will describe the work performed to update the BlueSky simulation platform to make it suitable for the simulation trials

Validation report

This report will present the preparation and execution of the validation trials and the analysis of the results and its outcome Recommendations will be made for followon steps to enable implementation of the findings of this work

Simulation results and trade-off report

This report describes the results from the fasttime simulation trials and the analysis performed on the results using the metrics defined in task 32 Using these results a comparison will be made between the three concepts that will drive a tradeoff to select the most promising concept for further validation This tradeoff process is also described in this report

Scenario and metrics definition report

This report describes the scenarios that will be defined to drive the simulation trials input dataset and their sources and the metrics that will be used to compare the three concepts in the simulation trials

Review of the state of the art

This document summarizes the outcomes of the preceding Uspace projects and demonstrators and provides an overview of relevant international literature and urban airspace research programs It acts as an input to the metrics in work package 3 and the design work in work package 4

Follow-up and exploitation guide

A followup and exploitation guide will be compiled to describe the main project findings lessons learnt best practices and other recommendations

Metropolis 2 website and social media presence

A website will be setup at the start of the project and will be updated over the course of the project with news items event announcements videos public reports and open access publications Relevant social media will be employed to communicate important events and outcomes and to interact with stakeholders and other interested parties

Concept implementations

This deliverable corresponds to the software implementations of the three concepts Initial versions will be delivered two months prior to the final deadline to prepare simulation testing metrics and scenarios so that problems are caught before the actual simulation trials begin


Metropolis II: Investigating the Future Shape of Air Traffic Control in Highly Dense Urban Airspace

Author(s): N. Patrinopoulou, I. Daramouskas, V. Lappas, V. Kostopoulos,A. M. Veytia, C. A. Badea, J. Ellerbroek, J. Hoekstra, V. de Vries, J. van Ham, E. Sunil, P. Menendez Ponte Alonso, J. Pedrero Gonzalez, D. Bereziat, A. Vidosavljevic, L. Sedov
Published in: 2022 30th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), 2022
Publisher: IEEE

Metropolis II: Benefits of Centralised Separation Management in High-Density Urban Airspace

Author(s): A. M. Veytia, C. A. Badea, J. Ellerbroek, J. Hoekstra, N. Patrinopoulou, I. Daramouskas, V. Lappas, V. Kostopoulos, V. de Vries, J. van Ham, E. Sunil, P. Menendez Ponte Alonso, J. Rodrigo Villazon Terrazas, D. Bereziat, A. Vidosavljevic, L. Sedov
Published in: Proceedings of the 12th SESAR Innovation Days, 2022
Publisher: SESAR

Metropolis II: Centralised and strategical separation management of UAS in urban environment

Author(s): D. Bereziat, S. Caeri, and A. Vidosavljevic
Published in: Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days, Dec. 2022, 2022
Publisher: SESAR

Limitations of Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Constrained Very Low-Level Urban Airspace

Author(s): Calin Andrei Badea, Andres Morfin Veytia, Marta Ribeiro, Malik Doole, Joost Ellerbroek, Jacco Hoekstra
Published in: Proceedings of the 11th SESAR Innovation Days, 2021
Publisher: SESAR-JU

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