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PERovkite Stability and Optoelectronic Properties Assessment at the Steady State


Halide perovskites solar cells are asserting themselves as possible alternative to the currently dominating Silicon based ones. Their low-cost, ease of production and the high power-conversion efficiency make them promising candidates for the next generation of solar cells. In the project PERSOPASS I will address the issue that most critically impede the advent of halide perovskite solar cells in the market: stability. Results on this subject are sparse and the reproducibility between groups is scarce. This is due to the significant influence of composition variations on perovskite properties and, also, to the lack of control of the precise (ppm) composition. I will use a straightforward microfluidic based strategy in which the composition of halide perovskite crystals is set by the contact with continuously flowing precursor or dopant solutions. Reaching a steady state, any dependence on the fabrication process will be removed. The specific configuration of this project will allow me to assess a large number of precisely controlled compositions in parallel. Together with the ability to characterize the optoelectronic properties on a microscopic scale, this experimental platform enables the drawing of a correlation between variation of composition and stability as well as doping. The hosting laboratory IPVF is a global leader in the development of advanced characterization methods with an outstanding expertise on hyperspectral luminescence and time-resolved fluorescence imaging, which will be extensively used during the action. I will contribute my expertise in microfluidics and on the self-healing chemical properties of halide perovskites. Beyond purely scientific objectives, this project also aims to provide industrially relevant strategies for damage mitigation which is essential for the widespread use of perovskite solar panels.

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