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Report on the first stakeholder meeting

Report summarising the first stakeholder meeting including agenda participant list and overview of discussions during the event Presentation pack from the meeting will be provided in the annex

Report on Statistical Learning Models for prosumagers

This report will describe the methodology developed to statistically model household energy consumption and their drivers from highfrequency and other available data discuss how to use such statistical models to calibrate validate and inform bottomup energy demand models for scenario and policy assessment with a special focus on two case studies involving Italy and Poland

Assessment of energy demand-side models from the perspective of policy makers' needs at European level

This report will summarise the assessment of demandside models in how far they are able to quantify energy demandside policies impacting on New Societal Trends from the perspective of policy makers needs

Diagnosis of energy demand-side policy needs at European level

This report will summarise the investigations on the demandside policy needs of policy makers with a particular focus on effective implementation of the EE1 principle for the New Societal Trends

Report describing the selected clusters for New Societal Trends, the process of selection and the empirical data concerning New Societal Trends

This report will summarize the work performed in Task 21 describing the selection process of the New Societal Trends based on their potential relevance for future energy demand

Report on the pathways for New Societal Trends and gap analysis for demand models

This report will define the pathways and scenarios for energyrelevant New Societal Trends task 31 and includes a gap analysis for current demand models first part of task 32

Website, including project logo

Project website presenting information about the project and providing space for publication of its outputs as well as equipped with dissemination and communication tools eg newsletter events calendar embedded social media designed in line with the projects graphic identity

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Investigating the impact of smart energy management system on the residential electricity consumption in Austria

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Energy Efficiency Vision 2050: How will new societal trends influence future energy demand in the European countries?

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Enablers and Barriers in the Market-Driven Rollout of Smart Metering: Polish Technology Innovation System Analysis

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Coupling circularity performance and climate action: From disciplinary silos to transdisciplinary modelling science

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Kreislaufwirtschaft für die Dekarbonisierung des EU-Bausektors - Modellierung ausgewählter Stoffströme und Treibhausgasemissionen

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