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CASCADE Hydrolytic Recovery and Conversion of Suberin in High Pressure Media

Project description

Creating greater value for industrial waste by-products

The transformation of biomass to valuable materials and energy (biomass valorisation) is a key part of the EU’s strategy for transiting to a circular and climate neutral economy by 2050. To realise their biomass potential, industries are increasingly challenged to introduce efficient fractionation systems and develop commercial products. Against this backdrop, the EU-funded SUBLUBE project plans to leverage a fractionation–hydrolysis process to recover pristine suberin from cork by-products. The process will use supercritical water to convert suberin into highly functional building blocks for lubricants. The project's findings will generate valuable knowledge on the catalytic transformation of agro-industrial waste by-products into value-added products in continuous flow microreactors on a large scale.


Net EU contribution
€ 172 932,48
Plaza Santa Cruz 8 Palacio De Santa Cruz
47002 Valladolid

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Castilla y León Valladolid
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 0,00