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High efficient localized photon sources

Project description

Innovative scheme for localised photon sources

Planar hyperbolic metamaterial (HMM) resonator-antenna is an innovative design. When coupled with semiconductors, nanomaterials have a wide range of applications. But this has not yet been entirely studied including the generation and control of single photons. The EU-funded HELPS project will develop an innovative, hybrid quantum photonic system to allow the production of tunable, brightness-enhanced and indistinguishable single photons through a combination of the deterministic integration of III-V quantum emitters with an HMM resonator-antenna. The innovative scheme will allow for the coupling between the emitter and far-field radiation channels and will supply exceptionally high Purcell factor and brightness enhancement. The project will provide a better understanding of the innovative applications of HMM coupled to semiconductor nanomaterials.


Net EU contribution
€ 202 680,96
Kalevantie 4
33100 Tampere

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Manner-Suomi Länsi-Suomi Pirkanmaa
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 202 680,96