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Network of Excellence in Neural Networks


The industrial applicability of neural networks is being increasingly realised world-wide, covering applications in all the major industries under the headings of control, time-series analysis, pattern recognition and decision-making. Problems for which there are no specific rules, and which are hard for other techniques to solve, are particularly suited to the neural network approach. It is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, with interests from engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, neurophysiology, psychology and others.

NEURONET aims to increase industrial awareness of neural network research activity; reduce duplication of research effort by better contact between groups; increase awareness of new theoretical results/hardware developments by application groups; increase applications of neural networks by industry to solve difficult problems; construct a general theoretical framework of neural networks to allow more effective construction of specialised networks to solve specific industrial problems, and enable faster implementation in software simulators and hardware devices of these more effective networks and deeper theoretical criteria.

The structure of NEURONET will consist of a Coordinating Node and 10 managing nodes. Each managing node will act as a centre for contacting and collaborating associate and industrial nodes, primarily in its local geographical area. NEURONET will be managed overall by an executive board, with committees handling human resources, research collaboration and planning, machine resources and industrial relations. Information will be disseminated through the network by e-mail, a newsletter and directories. Contacts will be made with ongoing EU neural network projects and with other related Networks of Excellence. Industrial penetration will be especially active, with collaborative links being made through industrial nodes. This will also be attempted through direct targeting of companies in specific industries as well as through the Newsletter, and through contacts in Government and large industrial companies in each of the European countries.


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