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COUPE - COUPling Excitations

Project description

New theoretical approach to describing the electron-boson coupling

The interaction of electrons with bosons influences the spectral properties of solids in a profound way. Bosons can be crystal lattice vibrations (phonons), collective charge-density fluctuations (plasmons) or bound states of electrons and electron holes (excitons). The GW approximation produces accurate calculations of the quasiparticle energies across a range of materials. Bosonic excitations are described through the time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT). Currently, there are few approaches that describe the electron-boson coupling. The EU-funded COUPE project proposes a new combination of GW and TDDFT that couples quasiparticles to all kinds of bosonic excitations. This combination relies on a recently developed 'connector theory' that allows the use of results from the homogeneous electron gas to describe inhomogeneous materials.


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