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THz imaging technology for public security

Project description

Secure scanning technologies to fight crime

An increase in terrorist attacks and criminal activities is forcing governments to find new and more effective and secure technologies for detecting threats like explosives, weapons and drugs. Solutions of high sensitivity, enabling the possibility of fast reaction, are necessary. Unfortunately, the market for public safety is regulated by complicated legacy systems and intellectual property rights. The EU-funded TERASEC project will deliver to the market a novel, incomparable security scanner device of unique performance. It fulfils all regulatory compliances. The scanner uses advanced and harmless THz waves thanks to superconducting and ferromagnetic materials that enable great sensitivity, fast response time and low noise-equivalent power.


The objectives of TERASEC project entail the activities aimed at pre-commercial validation of the technological performances and market potential of a novel device for the detection of security threats, such as weapons, explosives, drugs etc..
The functionality of TERASEC is enabled through combination of superconducting and ferromagnetic materials that delivers frequency selective THz sensors showing unprecedented sensitivity (single-photon resolution), fast response time, high dynamic range, and low noise-equivalent-power.
Specifically, starting from the outstanding outcomes reached so far, the capacity of the TERASEC system to detect the above threats with given level of accuracy, range and selectivity will be verified in accordance with the requirements of prospect users (to be collected during the project implementation).
Moreover, a detailed market, IPR and regulatory compliance study will be carried out, in order to enable smooth implementation of TERASEC in the complicated context of the public security market. To enhance this, an advisory board gathering Key Opinion Leaders of the sector will be secured and involved into project activity throughout all the project duration. In parallel, comprehensive communication strategy addressing all the stakeholders of the relevant value chain will be rolled out, with strong focus on prospect consumers and users, so to ensuring market traction.
Overall, the goal of TERASEC is to deliver an unrivalled novel security scanner device leveraging harmless THz waves, that widely overpasses the accuracy performances of all the conventional systems, thus contributing to the safety of European citizens and the security of sensitive infrastructures.



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