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Labour market transition patterns under alternative policy regimes: Towards a multinational comparative research agenda


The purpose of this Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowships application is to allow Professor Axel van den Berg, a distinguished Canadian researcher of labour market policies and flexibility, to spend a year at the host institution, SISWO in Amsterdam, to work closely with the coordinators and participants of the Thematic Network on 'Managing Social Risks through Transitional Labour Markets' (TLM.NET) funded by the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme.

The fundamental question driving the current research of both the Network partners and Professor van den Berg's Canadian research team is essentially the same: what viable policy alternatives are there that succeed in enhancing labour market flexibility without necessarily relying on rising income inequality, low-quality employment and wholesale labour market de-regulation?

The question is often couched in terms of a debate over the relative merits of the 'European Social Model' vs. the 'Anglo-Saxon Market Model'. Professor van den Berg intends to contribute the results of his Canadian research to those of the other Network participants as well as begin the job of forging a joint, genuinely comparative multinational research agenda addressing these basic issues in collaboration with Network members.

In order to do so, Professor van den Berg will play an active role in helping the Network coordinators at SISWO and the WZB in Berlin with their work of organizing and administering the Network, providing intellectual leadership, evaluation and editorial preparation of the Network members¿ research findings, and formulation of policy recommendations on the basis of those findings.

He will bring much-valued expertise and research experience from across the Atlantic to the research community of the European Union and his work as Marie Curie Fellow will lay the groundwork for future large-scale multinational collaborative projects in an area of scientific research and policy making in which it is badly needed.

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