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Geometrical aspects of spin and vortex dynamics in electromagnetic and matter waves


"The project is intended to reveal a unifying nature and fundamental geometrical features of the spin and vortex dynamics of classical electromagnetic and quantum-mechanical matter waves. The Berry phase, Magnus effect, and spin-Hall effect are attracting ever-increasing interest of scientists because of their potential applications in nano-physics, spintronics, quantum computing, etc. Simultaneously, the modern optics (including nano-optics, photonics, and plasmonics) offers unique possibilities to test and apply fundamental quantum-mechanical ideas within classical systems. The striking similarities of the spin and vortex dynamics in electromagnetic and matter waves call for an in-depth theoretical analysis which will be given within the framework of the present project. We will carry out extensive theoretical investigations of the propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous and anisotropic media. A special attention will be paid to dynamics related to spin (polarization) and orbital (optical vortices) angular momenta of light. The research will be concentrated on various manifestations of spin-orbit-type interactions between intrinsic and extrinsic degrees of freedom of electromagnetic waves and quantum particles. We aim to develop a unifying theoretical approach to be able to describe specific features of behaviour of spins and vortices evolving in external fields. The approach will include the fundamental geometro-dynamical effects: the Berry phase, spin-Hall effect, and Magnus effect. Using scope of the host laboratory, we are going to perform experimental test of fine manifestations of these effects in classical optics, with potential applications to fiber optics, metamaterials, and remote sensing of turbulent atmosphere. We anticipate that realization of the project will contribute to the ability to control complex wave fields of different nature and, thus, will have a profound interdisciplinary impact and applications."

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A. Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Ak proskura street 12
61085 Kharkov

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Vladimir Yakovenko (Prof.)
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