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Mesh WiMAX Management and Operatin, and Performance Analysis and Optimization


This project addresses some research challenges arising from the rapid development of WiMAX. The main aims of this proposal are to advance the understanding key techniques of WiMAX, and to develop novel network management and operation (M&O), and performance analysis and optimization (A&O) approaches for mesh WiMAX, by introducing novel concepts (e.g. game theory) and techniques (e.g. cross-layer design). The research topics are: 1. Automatic mesh WiMAX M&O: Novel approaches for self-configuration, self-management and self-healing mesh architecture will be developed for mesh WiMAX M&O. In particular, a hybrid mesh WiMAX architecture, which can achieve more spectrum efficiency at a lower cost, will be investigated. 2. Mesh WiMAX performance A&O: The performance of mesh topology (e.g. routing and MAC protocols) for fixed and mobile WiMAX applications will be evaluated through both theoretical analysis and simulation studies. 3. Game theory: Game theory will be used in mesh WiMAX M&O and performance A&O. In particular, a novel concept of incompletely cooperative game theory is proposed after carefully considering the personal features of both the traditional game and mesh WiMAX. 4. Cross-layer design: Firstly, a mesh WiMAX simulation platform considering IEEE 802.16x PHY features (e.g. OFDM and MIMO) will be developed. Secondly, smart antennas will be used in mesh WiMAX in order to gain greater spatial reuse of frequency. Finally, cross-layer design will be introduced into the framework of the game in order to further understand and improve mesh WiMAX.

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Taibai South Road - Yanta Qu 2
710071 Xian

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Feng Chen (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 15 000