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Spin and Many-Body Interaction Phenomena in Semiconductor Nanostructures


We propose systematic extensive investigations of many-body spin phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures, with a goal to find effective magnetic/spin mechanisms to tailor various electronic anisotropies, potentially useful in device structures. The two principal Bychkov-Rashba (BR) and Dresselhaus (D) spin-orbit interactions (SOI) will be explored. We plan to calculate the anisotropy of the Friedel oscillations and of the many-body renormalization of the electron mass. We propose to design a device scheme to control the effective mass through the relative strength of the BR and D couplings. We’ll study the effect of exchange and correlations on the SOI induced anisotropy of plasmons. Another goal is to investigate the SOI effects on the charge and spin Coulomb drag (CCD and SCD). We'll focus on two effects, related to (i) the new drag channel, induced by the inter-chirality transitions, and (ii) the dominance of large-angle-scattering events in CCD and SCD. This requires accurate calculations with the use of the exact Lindhard polarization function. Recently we have shown that SCD is suppressed in wide quantum wells. Here we propose to study a crossover from Coulomb to phonon-mediated spin drag with an increase of the carrier density and the well width. Another goal, related to the phonon system, is the calculation of spectral and damping properties of new complexes, coupled plasmon-optical phonon modes, in the presence of BR+D SOI. Next we propose to study spin phenomena in hybrid ferromagnetic-semiconductor nanostructures. We will focus on the SOI induced modifications of the magnetic edge states (the snake and cycloid orbits of electron spin) and on the induction and manipulation of spin currents along magnetic interfaces. Finally, we’ll study side jump SOI as a mechanism to induce Spin Hall Drag in bilayers, coupled via Coulomb interaction. We put forward a method to probe electron spins in spatially separated layers with many-body interaction, and vice versa.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Aram Simonyan (Prof.)
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€ 7 500