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Multifunctional Organic-inorganic Elements with Biosensing re-Usability


"The main objective of the project is to bring together recent advances in semiconductor nanostructures, organic molecule self-assembling and bio-interfacing to develop a new generation of biosensors for in situ environmental monitoring and life science applications. Tunable electronic material with pores on semiconductors produced by
swift heavy ion-track-based patterning forms an attractive foundation for interfacing conventional electronics with bio-active sensor compounds. Nano-sized channels of ion-track based structures modified by metal oxides in combination with a self-assembled layer of organic or bio-organic sensor layer can multiply the response of the device by many orders of magnitude as compared to conventional sensor architecture. Thus the fundamental goals of the project are nanofabrication of such state-of-the-art structures and exploring of the interactions between bio-molecules and novel nanomaterial.
To fulfill objectives of the project a multidisciplinary research team is formed. The expertise of the team covers all key areas, including fabrication of the TEMPOS structures; synthesis functional organic and bioorganic molecules and self-assembling of molecular layers; structural and functional (including photo-/electro-activities) characterizations; theoretical ab initio computations. The novel reusable biosensors will allow quantitative analysis of toxins and key biomarkers important for diagnostics of liver deceases with high accuracy and reliability. The industrial partners will complement fundamental research by prototyping the biosensors and testing them in situ, thus ensuring the fast conversion of the results to production technologies."

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65020 Odessa

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Igor Zakharchenko (Prof.)
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