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Simulation and Animation for Interactive Design


The aim of the SIMAID project is to develop advanced 3D general purpose computer simulation tools, able to be used in design and production environments in the mechanical engineering field. The simulation models will focus on complex mechanical systems, integrating dynamics of rigid and deformable multibody systems, controls, impacts and collisions under a common simulation shell. Additionally, mechanical simulation will be linked to event-driven simulation of complex electronic systems using VDHL description language.

A key objective of this project is to achieve higher interactivity and even real-time response for more complex dynamic analysis, for which it is necessary to develop improved mathematical algorithms for solving the constrained equations of motion applicable to both closed and open kinematic chains with both rigid and flexible bodies. According to some preliminary results obtained with software prototypes, this objective is ambitious but achievable, considering the foreseeable improvements in both software and hardware, and could be reached by building on the expertise of partners within the consortium, and .

The outcome of the project will be a truly 3D interactive general-purpose simulation program, with capabilities for simultaneous analysis, visualisation and input/output. This will result in a much more productive tool, compared with most existing commercial systems, based on independent stages for pre-processing, analysis and post-processing.

During the development of the SIMAID project, it is expected to achieve improvements in efficiency of two orders of magnitude in the multibody systems simulation. This will contribute to boosting the competitiveness of European industries, where simulation is a critical issue for product quality and for shortening the duration of development cycles.


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