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Smart acellular scaffolds for bone repair


The use of Acellular Technology to stimulate the body’s own repair processing is an emerging direction in regenerative medicine, which may tackle one of challenges in orthopedic treatment where how to treat bone loss or bone fracture due to osteoporosis is unsolved.

The main objective of this project is to biofabricate new bioinspired scaffolds enabling off-shelf, scalable and stimulating multiple cellular actions including stem cell infiltration/adhesion; differentiation of osteoblast and endothethial cells for treatment of bone defects. The proposal will develop new multifaceted 3D composite scaffolds combined the advantages of electrospun nanofibers, porous foam and active chemicals conjugation enabling to provide biological, physical and mechanical properties for mesenchymal stem cells adhesion, migration, and differentiation and angiogenesis. The proposal will also develop an in vitro dynamic culture model mimicking bone development in vivo to evaluate the efficiency of scaffolds in order to reduce the use of animal models.

The project proposes to bring an outstanding young researcher, Dr Lü, who was trained in the State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics in Southeast University, the top 20 university in China, to undertake such multidisciplinary research project with host institution in Keele University, UK. Dr Lü has worked in biofabrcation field in past 5 years, and have established excellent track record in smart nanofiber fabrication and applications. The fellow’s experience and knowledge will be effectively transferred to host group and other European research groups through the delivering the targets of the project and disseminating of her previous research outcomes by seminar, joint publication and visiting other laboratories. The fellowship will also aim to build collaboration with third country through Dr Lü’s research links in China after the fellowship, which will enhance European knowledge-based economy in general and healthcare in specifically.

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210096 Nanjing

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Zhongze Gu (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 7 500