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Design and analysis of medium access control and network Protocols for ultra-wideband ad-hoc Networks

Final Activity Report Summary - MACNET-UWB (Design and Analysis of Medium Access Control and Network Protocols for Ultra-Wideband Ad Hoc Networks)

This project focussed on the design and analysis of protocols for Ultra-wideband (UWB) networks and wireless networks in general. Due to special characteristics of these networks, the project dealt with wireless networking architectures and algorithms that were optimised across multiple layers of the protocol stack.

In particular, novel protocols for distributed throughput maximisation, topology maintenance and Medium access control (MAC) were developed. In addition, fundamental limits regarding the performance of distributed algorithms in wireless networks were obtained. The various contributions included, for example, the first distributed scheduling framework that guaranteed maximum throughput in networks with stochastic packet arrivals, algorithms for topology maintenance in mobile backbone networks and MAC protocols for UWB networks.