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International Conference on "Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability" (Baltic Sea Region sharing knowledge internally, across Europe, and world-wide)

Final Report Summary - SHARING (International Conference on "Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability" (Baltic Sea Region sharing knowledge internally, across Europe, and world-wide))

It is necessary to organise high level conferences in new European Community Member States of the Baltic Sea in order to train young researchers, based on the experience of older ones, and encourage them to participate in European research initiatives. Therefore, the 'SHARING' project aimed to organise such an international conference in order to promote activities that were undertaken under the 'Global change and ecosystems' European research priority.

The conference was titled 'Integrative approaches towards sustainability' and contributed to strengthening the scientific potential and creating competent scientists in the field of sustainable development in the Baltic region, so as to increase research potential at the European level. This event followed the successful completion of a previous conference and was proposed to be followed by a third similar initiative. Three working bodies were established in order to develop and implement the project management plan, namely the international project board, the local organising committee and the conference secretariat. SHARING was structured in six distinct, yet interrelated, work packages (WPs) which aimed to:

1. manage the call for participants process and prepare relevant lists
2. invite principal speakers and prepare the conference agenda
3. technically organise the event
4. realise the conference, which was the core project activity
5. publish the event proceedings and
6. manage the project as a whole.

The conference was highly successful and representatives of the European Union and numerous third countries participated in the plenary, parallel and poster sessions. Maximum scientific quality was reached during the main event and the associated workshops. Further dissemination of the exchanged information was planned to be achieved through the publication of the book of abstracts and book of proceedings. Finally, a relevant website was launched in order to maximise the SHARING impact.