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Characterisation and tailoring of Attosecond pulse trains for applications


It was realised shortly after the discovery of high-order harmonics, that the broad frequency range of plateau harmonics support pulses of sub-femtosecond duration. After the experimental demonstration of the presence of such pulses, a rapid progress of the field has been witnessed.

The main objective of this proposal is to fully characterise these extreme ultraviolet pulses and to use the knowledge gained via the characterisation method to produce tailor-made laser pulses of attosecond (10-18 s) duration, u sing high-order harmonic generation. Many aspects of the generation, characterisation and implementation of attosecond pulses still have to be investigated, before attosecond pulses can become a routine tool that can be as widely used as present day femtosecond lasers.

The specific tasks are as follows:
- Complete characterisation of high-order harmonic generation and the produced attosecond pulse train.
- Search for the long quantum path and its influence on the attosecond pulse train.
- Tailor the properties of the pulses in the train, as well as their relative timing for applications.
- Isolation of a single pulse of the train using a generating pulse with time-varying ellipticity.

Each task shall be achieved via a combination of experimental (the harmonic generation setup, available at the host institute, is unique in the sense that it allows for independent manipulation of pump and probe beams, therefore it is ideal for carrying out the proposed project) and theoretical methods (modelling experimental conditions).

As a result of the mobility period the applicant will have acquired most of the necessary skills to carry out an outstanding career by having been taught many scientific, managerial, social and educational skills, making contacts with important scientific groups in the field, and building up her own international scientific network.

The fellowship shall also contribute to the integration of her scientific home community (Hungary)

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