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Benchmark Exercise on Safety Engineering Practices

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BESEP (Benchmark Exercise on Safety Engineering Practices)

Reporting period: 2020-09-01 to 2021-08-31

To accelerate the implementation of best Safety Engineering practices a Benchmark Exercise on Safety Engineering Practices (BESEP) is conducted between several EU countries. This will help to find the most efficient Safety Engineering practices to support the safety margins determination and safety requirement verification helping the licensing process of nuclear power plant new builds and upgrades. The outcome of the benchmark exercise is especially beneficial to EU countries planning to build new nuclear power plants, but without previous experience in the implementation of Safety Engineering practices. The overall objective of BESEP is to support safety margins determination by developing best practices for safety requirements verification against external hazards, using efficient and integrated set of Safety Engineering practices and probabilistic safety assessment.
In the first period, the main results achieved are the following:
- The external hazards of interest in the benchmark exercise have been identified;
- Important safety requirement topics have been identified, analysed, and assigned for external hazards;
- Safety requirement topics have been elaborated to a set of more detailed safety requirements suitable for the cross-case and cross-group comparisons later the project;
- Collaboration platforms and dissemination channels have been created for the project.
High-level IAEA safety requirements and wide variety of national safety requirements from the partner countries have been collected and allocated under concise set of requirement topics. The original requirements have been further elaborated to specific BESEP requirements representing the different requirement topics. The BESEP requirements will be applied in the benchmark exercise. The outcome of the benchmark exercise will help in the harmonization of licensing requirements and provide best practices for the verification of evolving and stringent safety requirements against external hazards.
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