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PAssive Systems: Simulating the Thermal-hydraulics with ExperimentaL Studies


Data management plan

Plan dealing with the acquisition and archiving of data as well as rules for access to this data for all partners

PASI facility description for PASTELS

A report describing PASI configuration used in PASTELS

Technical description and design review of the PKL facility and the SACO component

Technical description volumes masses pressure losses heat losses geometry of all components of PKL test facility and SACO The SACO design review report will comprise considerations on the scaling approach in the PKL facility shortcomings of the scaling approach possible distortions of relevant phenomena induced by geometrical and pressure scaling and recommendations for the use of TH system codes

Bibliographic research on the phenomena related to the natural circulation in closed loop

Describes phenomena and models with strengths and weaknesses and review of existing SET experimental support

Dissemination and communication plan

Detailed plan defining all activities for the dissemination and communication of the project and its results to its different target audience groups

PASI test specification

A report detailing test matrix experimental boundary conditions and needed instrumentation

PASI pre-test analysis results

A report on pretest analyses using codes of partners choice PASI basic data and PASI test plans as input specified test configurations parameters boundary conditions but no knowledge of actual test results yet

Simulations of HERO-2 experiments

Describes test facility and compare results of different approaches used in T22 with experimental results

Project public website

Public website will provide information about the project publications news and events

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