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Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 3


D2.1 Showcase 3 – DEMO3.1 and Showcase 4 – DEMO4.1

Proof of concept demos of large scale, full brain simulation corresponding to different brain states and consciousness levels and robot demonstration and simulation of object and scene recognition v1.

D1.1 Early prototype software interface with atlas services based on initial versions of data models including DEMO1 of Showcases 1 and 2

A prototype implementation of the software interface between TVB and EBRAINS atlas services will be available. This prototype will be based on first incomplete versions of data and metadata models for the multiscale connectome data and demonstrate the principle of hosting the novel multiscale connectome and regional multimodal characteristics in EBRAINS, as well as linking of multiscale models to the atlas. Showcase demonstrators will comprise the prototype software interface and a video illustrating the influence of regional variability on seizure propagation through individual brain networks. Detailed specifications for DEMO2 are provided.

D3.1 Showcase 5 - Proof of Concept, performing human-like digit configurations by robotic hand

Simulation of robotic hand performing human-like digit configurations.

D4.1 EBRAINS FAIR data services (SC1) - status at M7

Knowledge Graph release with improved functionality and extended content, and inventory of related FAIR data, tools and services, prepared for, or released through the EBRAINS portal.

D5.1 EBRAINS Closed loop AI and robotics workflows: Status at M9

Neurorobotics Platform release with improved functionality, extended content, and updated inventory of related closed-loop models, tools, and services prepared for, or released through the EBRAINS portal.

D5.2 EBRAINS modeling workflows implementation status at M9

M9 status on implementation procedures of interconnecting tools according to EBRAINS architecture specification, workflows and simulation engines, and mechanisms to port established SGA2 use cases into EBRAINS.

D4.2 EBRAINS Brain Atlas Services (SC2) – status at M8

Updated brain atlases including full coverage of cytoarchitectonic probabilistic maps and first microscopic resolution maps for human.

D7.5 Final report of the SGA3 Calls for Expression of Interest (CEoI)

This Deliverable will provide an overview of the management of the Calls for Expression of Interest (CEoI) for SGA3. It will include the description of the entire process, starting from the preparation of the call documents to the evaluation of the proposals. It will also include the information on the new projects selected for EC funding and on the new partners integrated int the HBP Consortium. This deliverable will have a confidential Annex.

D9.1 EBRAINS RRI Capacity Development Plan

In order to be able to implement the eventual RRI plan, the personnel of the HBP and EBRAINS will need to develop the capacity to work with and implement these policies. This delivery contains a plan detailing which capacities are needed and how they can be achieved.

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Frequency cluster formation and slow oscillations in neural populations with plasticity

Author(s): Vera Röhr, Rico Berner, Ewandson L. Lameu, Oleksandr V. Popovych, Serhiy Yanchuk
Published in: PLOS ONE, Issue 14/11, 2019, Page(s) e0225094, ISSN 1932-6203
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0225094