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Neutrinos as a Probe to Physics beyond the standard model of particle Physics


Neutrino oscillations experiments have recently provided the first evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. These results are of great relevance not only for particle physics, but for cosmology and astrophysics as well. The era of precision measurements of neutrino properties is now emerging.

Neutrino masses, mixing parameters, tests of fundamental symmetries in particle physics, and number of light neutrino species are the quantities to be precisely measured via neutrino oscillations. This proposal outlines a coherent plan of contributions in reaching these objectives.

First, a precise knowledge of neutrino production and neutrino interactions is a prerequisite for precision oscillations measurements. The proposer would participate in the hadron production experiment (HARP) at CERN (Switzerland) and in the "KEK to Kamioka" (K2K) neutrino oscillation experiment in Japan to accomplish these objectives. Second, a major contribution in the K2K oscillation analysis is envisaged.

Third, an active role in the development of the future "Tokai to Kamioka" (T2K) oscillation experiment in Japan would be taken. The T2K experiment is designed to greatly increase the sensitivity reach for the still unknown third neutrino mixing angle over present u per limits, and possibly unveil the evidence for leptonic CP-violation as well as the cause for matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe.

The leading role of the host institution in the projects mentioned above is a key point. Fourth, by working at the host institution, the proposer would continue his efforts on phenomenological neutrino physics by collaborating with some of the most renowned experts in the field.

The phenomenological work would focus on providing a better understanding of which neutrino models best describe the present data, and on assessing what are the best future experimental facilities needed to complete the neutrino physics picture.

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