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Artificial automated pancreas for the treatment of type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is associated with a shortage of insulin-making cells in the pancreas and is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. Throughout their life, T1D patients require exogenous insulin. The EU-funded FORGETDIABETES project is introducing a radically new approach to T1D treatment with the development of an immuno-optimised, fully implantable and automated bionic invisible pancreas (BIP). The BIP will enable intraperitoneal insulin delivery for optimal glycaemic control. The project team comprises top experts in micro–nano mechatronics, biomaterials, endocrinology, surgery and behavioural sciences. The long-lasting BIP will rely on a physiological glucose sensing and insulin delivery system controlled by personalised adaptive algorithms with advanced self-diagnostic capabilities.


FORGETDIABETES introduces a radically new approach to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) treatment, by developing an immuno-optimized, fully-implantable, fully-automated, Bionic Invisible Pancreas (BIP). BIP targets physiological intraperitoneal hormone delivery, enabling an optimal glycemic control. T1D patient number is rising, projected at 63-94 million in 2045. T1D patients require exogenous insulin, resulting in an exorbitant number of actions: 100.000-500.000 in one patient’s life. BIP will free T1D subjects from therapeutic actions and from related psychological burden. BIP will become a life-condition (like wearing glasses), allowing T1D patients to live just as everybody else. An interdisciplinary team with top experts in micro-nano mechatronics, control engineering, biomaterials, endocrinology, surgery and behavioural sciences has been assembled to develop what was regarded as impossible for decades: a long-lasting system relying on a physiological glucose sensing and hormone delivery, orchestrated by personalized adaptive algorithms with advanced self-diagnostic capabilities. Pump refilling through a weekly oral recyclable drug pill will free T1D subjects from the burden of painful and awkward daily measurement and treatment actions.
Wireless power transfer and data transmission to cloud-based data management system round-up to a revolutionary treatment device for this incurable chronic disease. In this project, the key technologies enabling BIP will be developed. Furthermore, extensive in vivo preclinical experiments along with massive in silico testing will establish the proof-of-principle, paving the way to the ambitious first-in-human inpatient trial of BIP. This paradigm will revolutionize diabetes treatment and stimulate an innovation ecosystem including research bodies, SMEs, patient organizations, diabetes societies and clinicians. By investing in efforts like FORGETDIABETES, Europe will stand at the forefront of technological innovations for T1D treatment.

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