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WEEK OF INNOVATIVE REGIONS IN EUROPE 2020 : The future of resilient regions in the new ERA

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - WIRE 2020 (WEEK OF INNOVATIVE REGIONS IN EUROPE 2020 : The future of resilient regions in the new ERA)

Reporting period: 2019-12-02 to 2021-12-01

In a time of devastating effects of economic downturns and structural changes that varies considerably across different spatial units, WIRE 2020 offers a better understanding on how regional authorities, companies and the society at large are able to react and respond to shocks and disturbances by using innovation policy. It aims also to identify what measures are regional authorities taking to prepare for shocks and unwanted developments, either to repel them as to facilitate structural change.

The general objective of WIRE 2020 is to provoke and stimulate place-sensitive governance of research and innovation for resilient regional development and understand its societal impact using synergies between different EU policies to support economic, social and territorial cohesion. It also enables a deeper understanding of challenges for different level governance within the new programming period, especially for remote regions keeping in mind not only relevant heritage but also brain circulation possibilities and needs.
In accordance with the initial time schedule (D1.1.) in WP2 two ESG meetings were held (D2.1). The Agenda of the conference (D2.2) could not be finished due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In WP3 Offers from suppliers of necessary goods and services were gathered (D3.1). To avoid the unnecessary risk in the context of COVID-19 outbreak, only few of offers were confirmed ie. contracted (D2.2) and only for those offers for which jobs have already been finished/done.

In WP4 visual identity (D4.1) roll up design (D4.10) and accreditation design (D4.11) were drafted. Conference website was published (D4.2) social media profiles created (D4.3) and social medial plan (D4.4) with promotional activities plan (D4.5) drafted. Press conference could not be held due to the uncertainty of the situation development with the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, Press release letter No. 1 (D4.8) and Newsletter 1 (D4.9) could not be published. event (D4.5) was created.

Only MS1 Interim payments was achieved.
By stressing the place-based dimension of policy-making, bringing together players from different sectors and levels of governance, looking at the situation strategically, and considering the long-term ramifications in order to achieve the societal objectives, the WIRE 2020 provides a platform that will create more impact of the relevant policies through citizens’ involvement, fostering the EU’s industrial competitiveness and its innovation performance by improving brain circulation process. It should deliver on the EU’s strategic priorities and tackle global challenges that affect the quality of our daily lives, especially for remote regions in EU.
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