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Earth Observation Training in Science and Technology at the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Report about Workshops II, III, IV

The report will contain the description of the content ofWorkshop II Land cover vs Habitat Mapping Challenges and TrendsWorkshop III Ecological predictors of changeWorkshop IV Time series in service of ecosystem monitoringThe list of participants will be includedIt will be updated after the realization of all workshops

Report about on-site Trainings I, II

The deliverable will report the activities which were undertaken during onsite training which will be realized after the completion of the 1st and 2nd exploratory visits and management training workshop Also the list of the participant will be included

Report about Workshop I

The report will contain the description of the content of Workshop I Management trainingThe subject of each parts of the workshop i Framework conditions and implementation towards successful research proposals ii Project management methods iii Organization of scientific work and advance techniques in writing and orally presenting scientific results will be exposed The list of participants will be included

Dissemination and communication plan

The deliverable will present the strategy for the dissemination and communication In the document the main groups of stakeholders will be defined and specific entities will be listed The information to deliver to each of them will be detailed and the expected impact will be specified Also the communication channels will be described

Mentoring plan

During the mentoring program each young researcher will get guidance both towards science and the respective possible market The early stage researches will also get a mentor which will come from CNR CERTH CREAF entities according to its needs The deliverable will present the programs prepared for young researchers and reports about the realization of the programs of each one of them

Data management plan

The deliverable will describe in detail how where and when the data will be stored exchanged and used within the consortium and external collaborators The deliverable will available the access to the data produced during the project The repository where data will be stored formats and metadata etc will be defined

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Assessment of changes in formations of non-forest woody vegetation in southern Denmark based on airborne LiDAR

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On-Off Intermittency in a Three-Species Food Chain

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Landscape, facilities and visitors: An integrated model of recreational ecosystem services

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Individual Tree Detection from UAV Imagery Using Hölder Exponent

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From intrinsic to service potential: An approach to assess tourism landscape potential

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Evaluating the impact of increasing temperatures on changes in Soil Organic Carbon stocks: sensitivity analysis and non-standard discrete approximation

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Recent Advances in Land Surface Phenology Estimation with Multispectral Sensing.

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