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Widening Research on Pervasive and eHealth - WideHealth


Plan on output production

The deliverable will provide a summary of the ongoing activities that has led andor will lead to the production of outputs and the foreseen plan for the rest of the project

Project Management Handbook

The Handbook will define the coordination of the project the project structure and all the necessary information and guidance to ensure that all costs are incurred respecting H2020 rules and provisions

UKIM publications in high impact journals in the WideHealth research fields

The deliverable taken by the Guidance document provided by the EC will be a onepage statement that the task has been completed

Mid-term report on research management and administration training

This deliverable will provide a summary of the material produced for the training in WP3 and of the status of the training delivered

Mid-term report on early stage researchers and researchers training activities

This deliverable will provide an overview of the activities delivered for early stage researcher and researchers within month 12 and a plan for the activities planned for the next months of the project

Report on Events Organisation

This report will list all the events carried out in WideHealth up until the first year of project duration and provide an overview of what was accomplished in each detailing participants activities and outcomes The report will provide us with key insights to improve upon the remaining events

Dissemination and Communication Plan

The plan will describe the policy and strategy for dissemination will include details about disseminating how to whom and with which results about social media visibility press and media knowledge transfer and so on A Dissemination Matrix will also be developed to record all dissemination activities of the partners It will include an annex with details about exploitation of results after the end of the project from dissemination point of view making sure that the impacts will last long after the twinning action is over

Data Management Plan

This deliverable was included as WideHealth takes part into the Pilot on Open Research Data It will define the plan for managing the data generated during the project thus it will include 1 what type of data will be used and how it will be processed 2 how research data will be managed curated and preserved during and after the project considering the nature of such data 3 whether data will be exploited made accessible for verification and reuse The deliverable will be updated to report the status of data management during projects implementation


Wild by Design: Workshop on Designing Ubiquitous Health Monitoring Technologies for Challenging Environments

Author(s): Diogo Branco; Patrick Carrington; Silvia Del Din; Afsaneh Doryab; Hristijan Gjoreski; Tiago Guerreiro; Roisin McNaney; Kyle Montague; Alisha Pradhan; André Rodrigues; Julio Vega
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Publisher: ACM
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Context-Aware Stress Detection in the AWARE Framework

Author(s): Marija Trajanoska, Hristijan Gjoreski, Marko Katrasnik, Junos Lukan, Martin Gjoreski, Mitja Lustrek
Published in: 21th international multiconference Information Society - IS 2018, 2018
Publisher: International multiconference Information Society, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Lung cancer medical image recognition using Deep Neural Networks

Author(s): Goran Jakimovski, Danco Davcev
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Investigating Presence of Ethnoracial Bias in Clinical Data using Machine Learning

Author(s): Bojana Velichkovska, Hristijan Gjoreski, Daniel Denkovski, Marija Kalendar, Leo Anthnoy Celi, Venet Osmani
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Publisher: ETAI - Society for Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation and Informatics

Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection in Ambient Assisted Living Environments

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Cross-dataset deep transfer learning for activity recognition

Author(s): Martin Gjoreski, Stefan Kalabakov, Mitja Luštrek, Matjaž Gams, Hristijan Gjoreski
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Deep Ensembles for Inter-Domain Arousal Recognition

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Publisher: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research

Detection of Gait Abnormalities for Fall Risk Assessment Using Wrist-Worn Inertial Sensors and Deep Learning

Author(s): Ivana Kiprijanovska, Hristijan Gjoreski, Matjaž Gams
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Cognitive Load Monitoring With Wearables–Lessons Learned From a Machine Learning Challenge

Author(s): Martin Gjoreski, Bhargavi Mahesh, Tine Kolenik, Jens Uwe-Garbas, Dominik Seuss, Hristijan Gjoreski, Mitja Luštrek, Matjaž Gams, Veljko Pejović
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Analysis of Deep Transfer Learning Using DeepConvLSTM for Human Activity Recognition from Wearable Sensors

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Datasets for Cognitive Load Inference Using Wearable Sensors and Psychological Traits

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Smartwatch-Based Eating Detection: Data Selection for Machine Learning from Imbalanced Data with Imperfect Labels

Author(s): Simon Stankoski, Marko Jordan, Hristijan Gjoreski, Mitja Luštrek
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Using Double Convolution Neural Network for Lung Cancer Stage Detection

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Wearable Sensors Data-Fusion and Machine-Learning Method for Fall Detection and Activity Recognition

Author(s): Hristijan Gjoreski, Simon Stankoski, Ivana Kiprijanovska, Anastasija Nikolovska, Natasha Mladenovska, Marija Trajanoska, Bojana Velichkovska, Martin Gjoreski, Mitja Luštrek, Matjaž Gams
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