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Waste to Hydrogen


Report on Thematic Workshops (Interim Report)

The workshop promotor will collect and analyse the evaluation form responses from participants and findings will be presented in this document

Management and Quality Handbook

It will include essential information about the implementation of WASTE2H2 project namely with the activities and its respective responsibilities management structure partner contact details administrative and financial procedures

Communication, Dissemination and Outreach - Interim Report

Description of communication and dissemination activities implemented as well as an analysis of the impact reached among the target audiences

Funding Opportunities Roadmap (Interim Report)

The roadmap will present a systematic methodology of anticipating real opportunities and trends allowing the identification of potential cooperation opportunities and the development of joint research funding projects at national and international levels

Waste2H2 Outreach and Dissemination Strategy Plan

Define how when and where to communicate and disseminate the project results to the target groups identified in the proposal

Evolution of the publications in high impact journals in the relevant research fields

Description of the project peerreviewed publications in the particular field of research of the coordinating entity during the three years preceding the start date of the project

Data Management Plan

document outlining how research data will be handled during a research project and after finalisation describing what data will be collectedgenerated what methodology and standards are used whether and how this data will be shared andor made open and how it will be curated and preserved


Hydrogen from Waste Gasification

Author(s): Reinhard Rauch Yohannes Kiros, Klas Engvall, Efthymios Kantarelis, Paulo Brito, Catarina Nobre, Santa Margarida Santos and Philipp A. Graefe
Published in: Hydrogen, Issue Quaterly, 2024, Page(s) 70-101, ISSN 2673-4141
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/hydrogen5010006

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