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Assurance and certification in secure Multi-party Open Software and Services.


Exploitation strategy

This report will present the exploitation strategy defined by the project partners including exploitation perspectives envisaged individually and jointly by the partners a qualitative assessment of the expected impacts The report will contain a plan for the use of knowledge and IPR management

Methodologies and Algorithms for qualification, certification, and learning from deployed Service

The set of performance measures to be evaluated for the security qualification and certification tool of virtualized workloads will be defined Modern state machine algorithms will be adapted to capture the behavior of MOSS components T42 Methods for dealing with timing and metrics from WP2 need to be developed This is the joint deliverable of the methodological contribution of T41 and T42

AssureMOSS Integrated Toolflow Evaluation and Demonstration Plan

This deliverable will provide a coherent framework for the execution of the demonstrations to be run in T63 T64 and T65 also defining KPIs for the evaluation of the toolflow

Detectors for model extraction - report

The preliminary concepts for the architecture of the DevBot and detectors along with security model detectors as developed in T21 will be described in a report The security indicators and analytics concepts developed in T22 will be described in a report

Innovation management plan

This report will present the innovation management strategy defined by the partners to handle the project outcomes as well as the activities performed in this domain during the project implementation and the perspective ones to be implemented behind the project completion

Dissemination and communication plan and report 1

This report will include the strategic approach for dissemination and communication of project information and results the matrix of target audiences and stakeholders the evidences of the tools and materials envisaged for dissemination purposes eg project website project logo flyers and brochures social media profiles and KPIs that will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the envisaged dissemination activities this set of information will be included in the first release of D72 M6 to orient the activities of all partners All partners will provide inputs to this report and UNIVIE will edit it

Source code representation methods

This deliverable describes novel approaches to learning representations of source code changes leveraging large corpora of annotated samples that are either readily available or that can be extracted using the toolkit of Task 62

Methodology for Incremental and Continuous Certification Scheme of software

This deliverable will include the methodology process and algorithms for delta evaluation and delta verification of source code to achieve a continuous recertification scheme developed in T52

Methodology for Risk Indicators

A preliminary version of the methodology developed in Task T51 to be consumed by other partners and external stakeholder for a preliminary validation

Project website and social accounts

The public website will include the description of the project the consortium main deliverables and news about the project It will be continuously updated during the project life time and a closed version will be maintained for the 3 years following the end of the project

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