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Innovation for better ageing


Conference homepage

In this task a functional and attractive conference website, which is the main node of communication and information about the programme, its contents, as well as the logistics will be developed and continuously updated. The homepage will be hosted by UZSM. This service includes maintenance, regular security updates and backups. After the project has ended, the publicly accessible parts of the homepage will be converted into a static website and remain online for two more years. The homepage will follow the visual identity requirements demanded by the Croatian EU Council Presidency. It will be linked to the official homepage of the Croatian EU Council Presidency Facility.

Report on the establishment of the four boards

To guarantee a high-level governance of the conference in terms of its academic excellence and policy relevance, four different boards will become operative: 1. The Steering Committee which has the overall responsibility for the strategic positioning and supervision of the conference and its impact, in deciding on the final design and the agenda of the conference and acting as the ultimate decision-making body at the strategic policy level. 2. The Organizing Committee, which is assisting the conference coordinator, firstly, in contacting and selecting the right members of the Scientific Committee and, secondly, in mobilising intellectual input and participation and secures alignment with European RTI policies. 3. The Scientific Committee which has the overall responsibility for the quality assurance of the conference contents and inputs (i.e. responsibility of reviewing and selection of abstracts, full papers, and posters). 4. The Project Management Team which will assist in assuring that all actions are in l

BFHA 2020 Recommendations

BFHA 2020 Recommendations is summary of thematic sessions’ concluding principles that provides policy inspiring recommendations that will be generated at the end of each key e-conference themes: (1) Ageing of biological systems, (2) Smart technologies for age friendly ecosystems, (3) Ageing and healthcare system sustainability. BFHA 2020 Recommendations will list 15 key principles based on the state-of-art transdisciplinary research to advocate for strategies for implementation of transformative solutions to accelerate progress in scaling-up digital and other innovations for active and healthy ageing across the EU.

E-conference conduct

This task includes all necessary preparations to execute smooth and responsive in-situ e-conference facilitation during the 3-5 June, 2020. It ensures: • on-site studio will be created, at least one moderator will be live present at the studio, and moderate sessions. Pre-recorded presentations will be realised from on-site studio, but presenters will be on-line actively during discussions after each session. On–site studio production will coordinate and facilitate live parts with pre-recorded presentations. • the provision of sufficient number of support staff • the provision of the adequate equipment for on-line stream • clear instructions for each participant and speaker regarding behaviour in virtual rooms during the e-conference (how to pose questions, how to give answers, how to moderate discussions, how to access the virtual conference rooms etc.) • clear time table of e-conference in order to enable people from different time zones to follow the e-conference on-line in real time. • the

Report on the technical, organisational and security measures related to ethics

After the e-conference has finished we will submit a report on the technical, organisational and security measures related to ethics where we will specify how Data Management Plan was implemented by all parties involved. This report will give real account of possible issues and how they were practically solved in real time.

Report of the Kick-off meeting

At the Kick-off meeting, Project Management Team will be established. Project Management Team has the main responsibility for the project implementation, provides all logistic procedures required for successful conference organization and assures that all actions are in line with project proposal, proper timing, cost eligibility, and accurate usage of H2020 and EC visuals.

E-conference proceedings

The contributors of the around 4 selected abstracts (see Task 3.2) are also invited on a voluntary basis to prepare a full paper until 1st March 2020. It is intended to publish the full papers in conference proceedings before the e-conference in a special edition of the Liječnički vjesnik, published on-line and in print by the Croatian Association of Physicians. The full papers will be quality assured by the Scientific Committee. Thematic issue of the Croatian Medical Journal (CMJ) on healthy ageing will be published in May 2020, with 5-10 original research open access articles and invited essays. Special call for CMJ thematic issue will be opened prior to the beginning of the project, in December 2019. The CMJ and Liječnički vjesnik will adhere to the principals of Open Science/Open Access.

Policy Paper

"Policy Paper on “Strategic framework for better future of European healthy ageing” is more elaborated and outlines and discusses different pathways for generating more and better impact on challenges posed by ageing population in Europe which have been focal point of debates on the future of EU and emphasises possibilities of research novelties to be implemented in to European 2020 strategy for a smart sustainable and inclusive growth to promote active ageing policies. While the BFHA 2020 Recommendations will be ready at the end of each day of the e-conference for specific theme, the Policy Paper will be discussed and finalised in the following days after the e-conference . To facilitate creation of Recommendations and finalisation of Policy Paper, firstly, a social networking opportunities will be provided before and during the e-conference where participants can receive information, provide arguments and input (see Task 4.5); and secondly, virtual room for discussion is also reserved within the thematic sessions. In order to finalise the Policy Paper, virtual working group (with representatives from all three key sessions) will be formed. Potential project multipliers will also be asked to contribute and provide their input to Policy paper during paper’s finalization stage during the e-conference and in following few days. Also, after Policy paper publication, they will be invited to distribute it to their members and collaborators to increase project’s impact on stakeholders and policy makers. Major potential multipliers are projects such as: European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases, Joint Programming Initiative ""More Years, Better Lives - the Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic Change"", Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases Research, H2020 project - EIT HEALTH Active Ageing & Healthy Living. With some of listed potential multipliers contact has already been established and collaboration agreed (Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases Research, H2020 project - EIT HEALTH Active Ageing & Healthy Living) and others will be contacted directly during project preparation and early in project conduct. The Policy Paper will be Open Science/Open Access."

Data Management Plan

The project will generate/collect new research data, but will not process any research data from individuals. In accordance with this data management plan will be drafted that will explain what are obligation of people involved in the project in handling and storing data. It will ensure that the institutional DPO will be involved in monitoring its execution. Special attention will be paid that any personal data collected by BFHA 2020 will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. Where BFHA 2020 is required to transfer any personal data outside of the EU, this will be done in accordance with the requirements of Chapter V of the GDPR. Where data is transferred to BFHA 2020 from outside the EU, BFHA 2020 will require assurance from the entity transferring the personal data, that this will be transferred in accordance with data protection laws of the country of the membership organisation. Moreover, BHFA 2020 activities will be conducted in acc

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