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Transformation of existing urban district heating and cooling systems from fossil to renewable energy sources


Project leaflet

Project leaflet for presenting the project, month 6, pdf, print, EN, national languages

Factsheets of available tools

Collection of factsheets on available tools (min. 10): month 14 first release, then continuous updates, pdf, min 10 x 2pp, EN, selected ones translated Related to Task 2.4. It aims at collecting the most practical existing tools which the partners can use for their planning and implementation activities in WP3 and WP4.

Summary reports of the surveys and WP2 process know-how

Summary report with the outcomes of the surveys and WP2 process know-how, month 7, updated months 25 and 36, pdf, 20 pp, EN Related to Task 2.1. It allows the know-how exchange between the different pilot regions, also acting as support tool for replication initiatives beyond the project consortium.

Regional and EU level surveys

Regional and EU level surveys, pdf, 20 pp, national languages + EN summary Related to Task 2.1. This package of surveys aims at highlighting the key barriers and the opportunities for developing an effective action plan in WP3.

Guideline for strategy development

Guideline for developing a strategy and planning corresponding actions. This methodology is developed in task 3.1 to structure the work and ensure the quality of task 3.3, month 8, pdf, 20 pp, EN

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