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Scaling-up the involvement of women in supporting and accelerating market uptake of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling


W4RES regional hubs: plans, activities and results – Initial Report

A report produced under Task 2.1 outlining the operational plans, activities and results of each W4RES regional hub. The report will also include the monitoring plan and framework to be operationalised by the hubs to keep track, streamline and report on their activities during the project.

W4RES co-creation outcomes

A report presenting the co-creation outcomes of Task 2.2. The report will concisely outline the objectives and methods employed during the W4RES Co-creation Workshop as well as its outcomes, pertaining to the measures of the project for scaling-up the involvement of women in driving the market uptake of RHC.

Case studies of women leading RHC market uptake

A report presenting the case studies of women driving RHC market uptake in business, policy and society developed under the framework of Task 1.3. The report will also outline the methodology employed for the development of the case studies as well as the findings from their comparative analysis.

Market uptake support measures – First Version

The first version of the project’s market uptake support measures, including hands-on market uptake support services, capacity building services as well as regional awareness raising campaigns, as developed under Task 2.3. The accompanying report will outline the measures and the material required for their deployment.

Dissemination, Awareness raising and Communication Plan – First Version

A report elaborating on the strategy, plan and actions to be undertaken under Task 6.1 with respect to dissemination, awareness raising and communication. The report will also include specific qualitative and quantitative targets to be met by the respective activities of the project throughout its course.

Mapping of framework conditions for market uptake of RHC

A report outlining the findings of the mapping exercise conducted during Task 1.1 along with the methodology employed to produce them. The report will identify key challenges with respect to RHC market uptake, along with their gender dimension as well as good practices for further investigation.

W4RES Advisory Board terms of reference and composition

A report produced under Task 6.2 providing an overview of the scope, structure, operation, management and expected contribution of the Advisory Board. The report will also include a list of Advisory Board members as well as the terms of reference prepared to serve as the basis for the activities of the Advisory Board.

Needs, perceptions and challenges in the RHC landscape: Evidence from 8 regions

A report presenting the objectives, methodology and findings of the analysis conducted under Task 1.2. The report will profile each region targeted by the project (including RHC needs, perceptions, opportunities and challenges), providing recommendations on how to better customise its market uptake support measures.

Data Management Plan – Initial Version

A report produced under Task 7.2. The report will outline the data to be collected / generated during the project as well as the data management methodology and plan to be followed across their life cycle in order to ensure their sound and FAIR management in line with applicable legislation at national and EU level.

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