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market uptake of citizen energy communities enabLing a hIGH peneTratioN of renewable Energy SourceS


LIGHTNESS preparation, customization and deployment reporting and best practices

Report on the process to deploy the LIGHTNESS solution in the different pilot cases and the best practices learned during this process

Financial schemes: funding the CEC journey via traditional and disruptive mechanisms

Report presenting the different alternatives to fund the deployment of CECs

Mapping of the relevant stakeholders, needs and drives for the implementation of CEC

Deep analysis of the national and local markets to identify local actors, with a special focus on the regional scale to reduce the work to an affordable size

LIGHTNESS Innovative Business Model

Report presenting the innovative business models developed by LIGHTNESS to achieve the market uptake of CECs

Policy recommendations for CECs and Flexibility uptake

Handbook of policy recommendations for facilitating the deployment of CECs and the exploitation of the flexibility

LIGHTNESS market and Stakeholder analysis

Report on the market and stakeholder analysis of the citizen energy communities

Communication and Dissemination plan

Report on the project communication and dissemination plan

PESTLE Analysis & benchmarking of CEC implementations with stakeholder mapping

Benchmarks and lessons learnt will be combined with a PESTLE analysis which involves the identification of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental conditions that act as drivers or barriers on the opportunities required to run, replicate and upscale the CEC concept and make them sustainable.

Analysis report on relevant smart energy services

Innovative energy services and their potential to match services that can be provided to the CECs or by the CECs to the grid and customized to the different end-user types and social and legislative framework

Report on the definition of the KPIs Assessment frameworks

KPIs to perform a multi criteria assessment of a community in a quantitative way

Project identity, guidelines, logo, branding, social media and website.

Report on the Project identity, guidelines, logo, branding, social media and website.

Regulatory Impact Analysis for CECs and Flexibility Services.

RIA analysis to deeply assess the current regulatory framework that is enabling or actin as a barrier for the large deployment of CECs and its potential flexibility services

Identification of demonstration scenarios at each case study

Report on the case studies to be simulated and implemented in the different pilot sites

LIGHTNESS national engagement Plans for differentiated types of LECs

Report on the outcomes of the deployment of the engagement initiatives in the pilot countries

Methodology for qualitative monitoring and evaluation

Report defining the approach for the qualitative monitoring and evaluation of the stakeholders engagement

Data Management Plan

compile the specifications for management and exploitation of data, handled by LIGHTNESS, throughout the whole data life cycle


A Social Engagement Fast Track on Energy Communities—Key Lesson Learned from H2020 EU Projects

Author(s): Simona d’Oca 1,*,Sylvia Breukers 2,Stephan Slingerland 2,Marten Boekelo 2,Mara J. van Welie 3ORCID,Christian Moscardi 4,Aggeliki Aggeli 5,Katrin Burgstaller 6,Thierry Coosemans 7ORCID,Rebecca Hueting 8 andWilliam Throndsen 9
Published in: The 9th Annual Edition of Sustainable Places (SP 2021), 2021
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/environsciproc2021011017

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