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Competitive and CO2 Free Energy from Osmotic Power – Large Scale Deployment

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SaltPower (Competitive and CO2 Free Energy from Osmotic Power – Large Scale Deployment)

Reporting period: 2020-05-01 to 2021-04-30

Reliable predictable and non-fluctuating electricity generation will be important in the transition to a CO2 free green economy in EU. SaltPower Osmotic Power Unit (OPU) is an innovation that can produce competitive, clean and environmentally friendly energy using the natural force of osmosis: A difference in salt concentration in water streams creates a pressure gradient, which can be harnessed for power generation.

The SaltPower OPUs are delivered in modules for non-fluctuating baseload power for own
consumption or the power grid.

Presently SaltPower upscales to be able deliver a commercial 100 kW modularized unit as a direct result of this EIC project. The overall objective is to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of the system with the ultimate aim to lower the levelized cost of energy and to become a competitive energy technology.
SaltPower organization has been doubling in size. An engineering department is established, that is capable of process calculations, 3D drawing and process and instrumentation diagrams. We are still in the process of hiring more staff.

Development of the technology has been continuing the last year with focus on optimizing power output and using water streams of lower quality. We have made 5 patent application and several innovations has been the outcome.

COVID 19 has made it difficult to do test and development at our existing 20 kW units due to placement at a commercial production site. Instead, we have focused on revamping a large test unit at our head quarter to be able to perform full scale optimization and operate it 24/7. This has been done to keep momentum in the technical development for the 100 kW unit during COVID 19.

We have secured a site for the first commercial/pre-commercial modular 100 kW unit at Nobian, Dansk Salt A/S in Mariager Denmark. We have optimized the process for this application (patent pending). Together with our membrane partner Toyobo, a new modified membrane has been optimized for this application and an optimized turbine setup will be supplied by Danfoss based on our design.

Design is now so far that we are starting procurement of long lead items for the 100 kW unit and we are experiencing long lead times.
SaltPower is focused on selling product to the Salt industry, both upstream and down-stream, where we can create the largest value for customers. This will make the salt industry generate energy, and with the patent pending solutions from SaltPower, there will be no new discharge.

SaltPower Osmotic Power Units can be used for building seasonal storage for hydrogen in salt diapers. Instead of using energy to excavate cavern for hydrogen storage, SaltPower can generate electricity with osmotic power. Therefore, SaltPower is part of the solution for industrializing and lowering cost of building an European hydrogen economy.