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Reinventing geo-location for IoT

Project description

A pioneering solution for IoT geolocation

Advances in digitalisation are giving a boost to geolocation technologies. The EU-funded Nestwave project is proposing a pioneering solution dedicated to IoT geolocation, which will improve precision in urban canyons, expand indoor coverage and limit power consumption and costs compared to current solutions. The patented signal processing solution offers high accuracy and rapid signal acquisition at low signal levels. It is based on the combination of software integrated into a modem or GNSS chip and a cloud-based service that finalises the geolocation calculations. Nestwave targets the highly demanding markets of communication modem and GNSS chipsets, IoT devices and IoT connectivity.


Nestwave brings a radically novel solution optimized for IoT geolocation. Based on 11 patents issued and pending, the Nestwave solution improves accuracy in urban canyon environments, increases indoor coverage, and reduces power consumption and costs as compared to existing solutions (2.5x accuracy and 1/10 of the power consumption at 1/3 of the cost of GNSS solutions).
The Nestwave solution is a combination of software integrated into a modem or GNSS chip and a cloud-based service used to complete the geolocation calculations, which will be sold to communication modem chipset vendors, GNSS chipset vendors, IoT device suppliers and IoT connectivity suppliers. Nestwave’s unique, patented signal processing solution provides high accuracy and fast signal acquisition at low signal levels (e.g. behind buildings or indoor with signal strength 1,000 or 10,000 times weaker than in open, outdoor locations) or in the presence of signal reflections in urban environments.
Currently, the solution determines timestamps using a hybrid of GPS and 4G signal sources. The project funding will be used in part to create a more comprehensive, higher performance solution based on additional signal sources, including Galileo, BeiDou, 5G and WiFi.
The performance of the Nestwave solution is reflected by the strong market interest we have experienced in the past 12 months: we have generated €360k from proof of concept projects related to LoRa geolocation and RTOS development.
Assuming an average customer lifetime value of €0.4 per IoT device, our total addressable market is estimated to €1.35Bn in 2022 growing to €2.15Bn in 2025, supporting a revenue forecast of €27M by 2025 and over 300 jobs created (directly and indirectly).
Nestwave is led by an executive team combining 80 years of experience in the wireless industry (at NemeriX, Qualcomm, Sequans and Motorola).

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