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Design Optimization Of The Corwave Membrane Lvad

Author(s): Trevor A. Snyder, PhD, François Cornat, BS, Nicolas Jem, BS, Rémi Pruvost, BS, MS, Eugenio Monticone, BS, MS, Diego Marino, BS, Francesca Condemi, PhD, Francesca Tesser, PhD, Antoine Olive, BS, MS, Mattias Scheffler, PhD, Pierre-Yves Quenlenn, BS, MS, Luc Polverelli, BS, MS, Michel Vernizeau, PhD, Carl Botterbusch, MBA
Published in: 2021


Author(s): Condemi F, Olive A, Tesser F, Cornat F, Goudeau Y, Baërd L, Scheffler M, Jem N, Pruvost R, Polverellli L, Marino D, Snyder T, Botterbusch C
Published in: 2021

The CorWave LVAD, Designed For Pulsatility: In Vitro And In Vivo Evaluation Of The Control Algorithm

Author(s): Jem N, Monticone E, Fagot L, Benoit S, Tapolsky N, Massiot A, Scheffler M, Pruvost R, Polverelli L, Cornat F, Snyder T, Botterbusch C
Published in: 2021

Progress in the Development of the Pulsatile CorWave LVAD

Author(s): C. Botterbusch, N. Barabino, F. Cornat, N. Jem, R. Pruvost, D. Marino, S. Benoit, E. Monticone, L. Polverelli, T. Snyder, V. Loobuyck, A. Rauch, S. Susen, A. Vincentelli
Published in: The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Issue 40/4, 2021, Page(s) S104, ISSN 1053-2498
DOI: 10.1016/j.healun.2021.01.338