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Periodic Reporting for period 2 - SPEED (SMART PIXEL EMITTERS FOR DISPLAY)

Reporting period: 2021-08-01 to 2023-01-31

Based on its nanowire technology, Aledia, a French start-up company, is developing the SmartPixelTM, an electro-optical component consisting of a μLed with its own microcontroller. This cutting-edge technology, protected by over 35 patents, will dramatically decrease not only the mass transfer requirements but also will avoid the use of TFT panel. The simplification of the panel assembly lead to an overall decrease of the display cost and will open the doors for newcomers.

The goal of the SPEED project is to finalize the development of the SmartpixelTM and to provide samples for different display markets such as video walls and large TV.
During the first year of the project we have been able to :
- demonstrate LED growth on large Si 300 mm wafers.
- launch and partially complete the derisking activities needed (CMOS design, backend activities, backplane definition) to prototype a final demonstrator
As of today, the major beyond state-of-the-art outputs are:
- The epitaxy of GaN on a 300 mm wafer enabling very large volume applications.
- The prototyping of a new component consisting of µLEDs with their own CMOS wafer. This consists in a world premiere by functionalizing LEDs grown on 300 mm silicon wafer.
- The enabling of multiple technologies dedicated to the current display market such as flexible and 3D displays.

The expected results by the end of the project are:
- A 300 mm MOCVD capability for LED growth.
- The delivery of samples
• Single pixel for laptop
• RGB SMPX for videowall and large TV display
Potential impacts
SmartPixelTM will pave the way to flexible, transparent or 3D display based on μLEDs thanks to SmartPixel’s breakthrough architecture. This will open the door of new applications and user cases. Aledia’s ambition is to become a European company valued at a billion euros by being a world-leader in μLed production. This technology will also allow new players to enter into displays ecosystem, even in Europe.