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Road to Friday of Science 3.0


ReFocuS 3.0 (Road to Friday of Science Third edition) project aims to substantially raise public awareness about importance and positive role of science for and in the society by bringing the researchers into the focus of the general public. This year, by using open to diversity as an overall theme, we will present the openness of science, sharing of knowledge and the concept “science is everywhere”.

Within this concept, we will show the new dimensions in perceiving researchers and their role in society, increase public awareness on the positive role of research in and for the society and promote the involvement of citizens in science. The science is not only confined to labs, but it also permeates the things surrounding us, and most importantly science is open to diversity.

We want to make people aware that everybody can contribute to science. This future direction of the science, open science, cannot be achieved without combining and involving not just several academic disciplines, but also non-academia. The project relies on diversity of all actors in the science networks: researchers of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, citizens as a new type of researchers, diverse research topics important for the society and diverse institutions involved in science.

The activities will take place in the thus far biggest ReFocuS edition, involving 14 cities and 46 diverse venues, including research institutes, old streets and houses, museums, archaeological sites, fortress, science clubs, shopping malls, city parks and libraries.

The true value is reflected in presenting the openness of science to diverse contributors, both people and institutions. The fact is that both science and society can benefit from diversity since diversity delivers different perspectives on the world. The diversity of partners in the project, both cultural and scientific institutions, will expand the general image of how and why science and researchers are important for society.


Net EU contribution
€ 43 625,00
Kralja petra 46
11000 Beograd

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Србија - север Београдски регион Београдска област
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 1 875,00

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