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Self Assessment Towards Optimization of Building Energy


Description of the Use Cases and Test Experiments

This deliverable will describe and specify in detail the use cases and experiments that will be implemented and evaluated in the SATO pilots.

Description of the system architecture of the SATO platform

This deliverable will provide a complete description of the architecture underlying the SATO platform.

SATO Platform, SRI and IT Security Requirements

This deliverable will specify in detail all the requirements for the SATO platform, for SRI alignment, and to guarantee IT security up to known standards.

Project Management Plan

Provides the project management plan for the SATO project.

First Progress Report

First Progress report after 6 months.

Dissemination and Communication Plan, including project identity

This deliverable provides the following items: - Project identity material (logo, stationary); - Dissemination plan; - Communication plan

Project Management Handbook

Provides the project management handbook.

Role of Actors and Design of Stakeholder Framework

This deliverable will specify in detail the role of all actors involved and design the framework that will involve all stakeholders.

Risk, Innovation and Data Management Plans

This deliverable provides the risk, innovation and data management Plans. It will be updated on month 24 with revised versions of the plans.