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Prostate MR Medical Imaging Biomarker Platform


Our company, QUIBIM S.L. is a high-tech SME specialized in machine learning and image processing technologies applied to the creation of imaging biomarkers from medical images. The core of our business is QUIBIM Precision®: a world-class medical imaging quantitative analysis platform used by dozens of hospitals and medical research institutions. As of writing, the platform is able to analyse lung and brain images.
After analysing the market, the technology, our own capabilities and the rate of incidence of diseases we have decided to put the focus for the period 2020-2021 on updating the Platform with a novel module addressed to the analysis of prostate MR images. This new module will take the name of qp-Prostate® The module will include several analysis plugins, which focuses on the analysis modules of Diffusion - ADC and Perfusion - Pharmacokinetics, specifically for prostate cases. Finally, before start marketing our solution, as a medical device, we will also need the corresponding Regulatory Certifications, scientific and regulatory reviews to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the new medical software device.
New horizons for QUIBIM S.L.: Since the QUIBIM was born, we have put tremendous efforts in the development of our own R&D and resulting technologies in automatic data analysis, machine learning and algorithms to allow a better performance and accuracy in medical images explorations, identifying quickly patterns and details not obvious to the human eye. The company wishes to market qp-Prostate®, an image processing software package to be used by trained professionals, including radiologists specialized in prostate imaging, urologists, oncologists and MR technicians. qp-Prostate® will be the first imaging biomarker analysis platform specifically for prostate MR, allowing QUIBIM to lead a novel (and unexploited) market of this sort of imaging biomarkers.

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