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Artificial Intelligence for improved PROduction efFICIEncy, quality and maiNTenance


Project identity kit and communication material

Guidelines about the project identity and web channels, and communication material published (initial version).

AI-PROFICIENT hybrid models and digital twins first version (state of the art, designing and specification)

Report on state of the art design and specification of digital twins physical modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes selected for demonstration activities

Legal and ethical requirements for human-machine interaction

Report on identification of legal and ethical issues at pilot sites, and specification of AI-PROFICIENT strategy for human-machine interaction.

Pilot-specific demonstration scenarios

Based on D11 and D12 report will present the full set of demo scenarios technical and functional aspects to be deployed in the pilots

Human-machine interaction and feedback mechanisms (Design and specification)

Report on specificationdesign of reinforcement learning mechanisms based on the human knowledge and feedback

AI-PROFICIENT system architecture

Report on the architectural design of the AI PROFICIENT serviceoriented solution and the underlying AI services and tools

Communication middleware and IIoT interoperability (Design and specification)

Report on specificationdesign of the serviceoriented communication middleware and interoperability

Roadmap for dissemination and communication first release

List of planned activities, their description, place, date and specific target audiences as well as the partners responsible.

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Learning representations with end-to-end models for improved remaining useful life prognostic

Author(s): Alaaeddine CHAOUB, Alexandre VOISIN, Christophe CERISARA, and Benoıt IUNG
Published in: Proceedings of the 6th European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society, VOL. 6 NO. 1 (2021), 2021, Page(s) 97-104, ISBN 978-1-936263-34-9
Publisher: PHM Society

Internet of Things Platform Architecture for Smart Factories

Author(s): Lazar Berbakov and Nikola Tomasevic
Published in: Fourth International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking BalkanCom 2021, 2021
Publisher: Fourth International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking BalkanCom 2021

Divide, Propagate and Conquer: Splitting a Complex Diagnosis Problem for Early Detection of Faults in a Manufacturing Production Line

Author(s): Kerman Lopez de Calle - Etxabe, Meritxell Gomez - Omella and Eider Garate - Perez
Published in: Proceedings of the European Conference of the PHM Society 2021, VOL.6 No.1, published: 2021-06-29, 2021, Page(s) 543-551, ISBN 978-1-936263-34-9