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ACtive Communities & Energy Prosumers for the energy Transition


Living Lab activities plan and evaluation report v2

This deliverable will report on the Living Lab activities in each pilot site for the past period since the previous corresponding deliverable including the cocreation workshops performed webinars etc

ACCEPT business scenarios, use cases & requirements

The deliverable will document in detail the project use cases grouping them under different business scenarios This will form the basis for user requirement extraction The requirements will be defined from diverse perspectives covering the multiple stakeholders which participate in ACCEPT framework namely energy communities retailers aggregators ESCOs and DSOs Feedback from Living Lab workshops will be included in the requirement definition as well as a report on regulatory legal socioeconomic and market barriers imposed in all four 4 ACCEPT pilot sites

Report on citizen recruitment activity outcome

The deliverable will document the activities undertaken and results achieved within the frame of B2C ACCEPT Living Lab activities which focuses on energy endconsumer recruitment both commercial and residential

Report on collaborative activities with similar projects and BRIDGE initiative v1

This deliverable will identify key subjects for synergies with BRIDGE and provide a highlevel plan for the activities that could be implemented together with BRIDGE and similar projects in order to strengthen collaboration avoid overlaps and enhance quality of the research outcomes

ACCEPT dissemination and communication plan and activity report v1

The deliverable will provide the initial plan and schedule for the dissemination and communications activities of ACCEPT and report on the performed ones

Consumer engagement and design validation roadmap v1

The document will report a mapping of key stakeholders eg consumers communities retailers aggregators ESCOs DSO technology providers regulators etc and of the dynamics between them per pilot site Upon this mapping the community analysis and engagement strategy will be stipulated The results of an early stage ethnographic site visit 1st LLM5 to each of the pilot locations will be documented in terms of definition of the foundations of the business models and the recruitment activities in the pilots

ACCEPT Performance Measurement & Verification methodology

The deliverable will define the proper Performance Measurement and Verification Methodology PMV for evaluation of ACCEPT solution with respect to demand response DR energy services and combination of energy and nonenergy services An accurate demand baseline forecasting shall be defined as well as a robust measurement verification process for implicit and explicit DR delivery Quantitative and qualitative Key Performance Indicators KPIs will be defined in order to assess demand flexibility elasticity as well as community engagement The approach will be based on proven methodologies while customizing aspects to fit ACCEPT innovation

Energy governance analysis and typology for communities

The deliverable will analyse the governance and sociopolitical contexts that form consumer participation and community engagement in Europes energy transition A report on various governance structures and business models available to energy consumers will also be part of the deliverable complementing D36 The current CEC formations will be primarily investigated A systematic typology will be reported on how consumers are encouraged to participate in the energy transition and on how the governance and sociopolitical factors condition these engagements

Ethics Manual

This deliverable will identify and document the ethical and legal issues relevant to the project which derive from relevant EUnational regulations and policies related to citizen data protection in order to form the process of scrutiny required to prevent possible infringements from project actions The Gender Equity Plan of the project will also be part of this deliverable

Consumer validation report v1

This deliverable will document the barriers and drivers that influence the types of digital services stakeholders find most valuable both energy and nonenergy and identify engagement channels for consumer cocreation facilitation in order to understand enduser needs wants and challenges related to the DR services

Report on cybersecurity framework design & specifications for data protection & privacy v1

The deliverable will outline the cybersecurity framework of the ACCEPT technical solution with respect to the data management plan and the applicable data protection provisions Security hazards and privacy risks will be identified and assessed separately per use case tested and per stakeholder affected Effective specifications will be provided under a robust design of security that will be followed within ACCEPT development activities

Living Lab activities plan and evaluation report v1

The deliverable will define the ACCEPT Living Lab strategy implementation plan roles responsibilities and time schedule

ACCEPT system architecture description v1

The deliverable will present the ACCEPT architecture design model including a logical view of all different components The mapping of the overall structure on SGAM will be included in order to provide a point of reference among other BRIDGE projects Additionally based on deliverable D21 the work on usecase scenarios and deriving requirements will be further enhanced through sequence diagrams and complemented through the definition of module functional and nonfunctional requirements The implementation view will comprise module description development and deployment information as well as interface specification

Report on existing European energy communities and success factors

The deliverable will report established citizen energy communities CECs analysing their successes limitations and innovations in combination with the underlying socioeconomic sociocultural and geographic factors To this end conclusions will be reported concerning the key factors that drive consumer engagement

ACCEPT branding, website and social media channels

Reporting of the ACCEPT branding design website development and social media dissemination channels

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