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Evaluation of the climatic impact of the Tropospheric Aerosols In the Mediterranean area


During the last years the presence of aerosols in the atmosphere was subjected to a great interest. Information about distribution of aerosols, aerosol types associated with their sources and amounts of aerosol have been obtained up to now. In assessing aerosols' effects on a local or a global scale there are still many difficulties. To achieve this overall goal, aerosols need to be studied simultaneously at any level of the Earth and jointly in the laboratory.

Presently, in the eastern Mediterranean area a deficiency of measurements of aerosol physical, chemical and radiative properties has been observed. A significant impact of the anthropogenic aerosols, transported from central and Eastern Europe towards eastern Mediterranean, with their direct or indirect radiative effects has been predicted by different model calculations but such results must be accompanied by direct measurements. The role of the major components of aerosols predicted by model studies must be as well approved by real measured data. The main goal of the proposed work will be focused on understanding the principal factors controlling the climatic role of aerosols in the eastern Mediterranean atmosphere.

In order to achieve our main task we intend to study:
i) the chemical composition of aerosols,
ii) their physical properties and
iii) the factors controlling them. Emphasis will be given to the ionic and elemental fraction of aerosols but mainly to their organic fraction.

To characterise the chemical composition state of the art analytical techniques (ICP-MS, HPLC-[MS]n NMR) will be used. Physical parameters of aerosols will be also investigated. The proposed work will be performed at the Environmental Chemistry Process Laboratory (ECPL), which disposes a sampling site in a remote area of the eastern Mediterranean and with a unique long-term database measurement of aerosols.

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