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Accelerating Water Circularity in Food and Beverage Industrial Areas around Europe


System of systems architecture

Operation of the demonstration systems recovered water problems encountered water quality accomplished crop yields delivered etc

Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Action Plan

Outlining the major axes of the communication and dissemination strategy Definition of targets messages tools activities and timing

Report on Communication and Dissemination activities - Version 1

Report on all communication and dissemination activities and including all relevant material will be produced with special focus on the main events organized or attended by the project until M15

Project Management Handbook

The Project Management Handbook will present the main aspects related to AccelWater management, summarizing the organizational structure, operating procedures and management tools of the project as well as the legal and ethical obligations that derive from the project implementation.

AccelWater newsletter

Online publication presenting the activities and promoting the key features of AccelWater providing information on relevant activities in Innovation in reclaimed water technologies and methods for the food and beverages industries

AccelWater brochure and leaflet - Version 1

Attractive and easily digestible publications describing the benefits of the solution and the value proposition to the target market

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Industrial symbiosis platforms for synergy identification and their most important data points: a systematic review

Author(s): Akrivou, Chrysanthi; Łȩkawska-Andrinopoulou, Lucyna; Tsimiklis, Georgios; Amditis, Angelos
Published in: Open Res Europe 2021, 1, 2021, ISSN 2732-5121
Publisher: Directorate-General for DG RTD
DOI: 10.12688/openreseurope.13893.1

Industrial symbiosis marketplace concept for waste valorization pathways

Author(s): Akrivou, Chrysanthi; Łękawska-Andrinopoulou, Lucyna; Manousiadis, Charalampos; Tsimiklis, Georgios; Oikonomopoulou, Vasiliki; Papadaki, Sofia; Krokida, Magdalini; Amditis, Angelos
Published in: E3S Web of Conferences, E3S Web Conf. Volume 349, 2022, 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2021), Article Number 11005, 2022, Page(s) 11005
Publisher: EDP Sciences
DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202234911005