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Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DENiM (Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing)

Reporting period: 2020-11-01 to 2022-04-30

The DENiM project will provide a novel technological solution to support industry leverage advanced digital technologies to manage resources and processes more effectively and ensure energy efficiency is an integral part of the manufacturing decision processes. Digital technologies will play a significant role by providing the ability to automatically monitor and optimise energy usage, while also informing users on the environmental and economic impact of decisions made at all stages of the manufacturing process. At the core of the DENiM project is close collaboration with industrial partners who represent the key stakeholders in evaluating the solutions across four complex industrial sectors. These pilots will validate the applicability of key enabling digital technologies as a solution for effective energy management, contributing to best practices that can maximise impact across the EU manufacturing landscape. The project will further demonstrate leadership in both the uptake of digital technologies and sustainable manufacturing that can be replicated across other energy-intensive sectors.
The DENiM project views education, awareness and upskilling as an essential component to allow all workers understand their collective responsibility in addressing energy efficiency. In order to achieve significant energy savings DENiM will provide the ability to collect, analyse, and communicate in real-time, data that can be used to optimise the performance and resource consumption at machine, process and factory level. In addition decision support systems will incorporate energy consumption as a key criteria across all levels of decision making within an organisation. DENiM will develop an interoperable digital intelligence platform enabling a holistic approach to industrial energy management.
The outcome of DENiM will be an integrated toolchain to provision advanced digital services including secure edge connectivity leveraging IoT, data analytics, digital twin, energy modelling and automation culminating in the delivery of continuous energy impact assessment, together with energy control and optimisation across existing production facilities, processes, and machines.
The key achievements for the first period of the project with respect to the technical developments are:
- DENiM ethical, legal and data management framework and Data Management Plan.
- Investigation of the current best practices relating to sustainable manufacturing, definition of DENiM archetype specifications and DENiM sustainability KPIs, design of the digital maturity tool, of the DENiM reference architecture and initial semantic model.
- Initial specification and implementation of the DENiM data mangagement to support interoperability and secure integration.
- Definition of digitalisation strategy, testing of data quality component tested, development of first versions of models estimating energy consumption and process indicators, first draft of LCA/LCC components and basic functionalities.
- Initial specification of DENiM decision support tools.
- Design of the DENiM software development methodology, deployment of DENiM Digital Intelligence Platform sandbox to support integtration testing .
- Comprehensive pilot site analysis and understanding of the requirements to support the pilot use case scenario specification, pilot site digitalisation strategy and the DENiM architecture deployment strategy to support the DENiM validation and evaluation from M18.
DENiM Platform
DENiM Innovation Pillars