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Ontology-driven data documentation for Industry Commons


Description of initial cases results and initial validation - early feedback

Descriptions of the cases and the results achieved results of testing in form of feedback to other WPs T54

Review of tool support for ontology management and ontology-based data documentation

Report on the first phase of the landscape analysis performed in T42 grounded on the methodological framework of D42 T43 T45

First report on domains ontology requirements and specifications

The first report will provide in formal manner the domain needs requirements and specifications in term of domain ontology development including the scope content level of abstraction and the perspectives eg business operations engineering etc of domain ontologies exploitation T33

Report on the outcomes on the first OntoCommons Horizontal Workshop

This document will describe the organization and outcomes of the first of two horizontal workshops with a goal to integrate different European and International activities and provide a discussion platform for wide stakeholder groups It will contain all relevant information on the first workshop eg programme venue dates as well as the digested discussion outcomes The list of participants and the financial reporting on the workshop costs will be made availble for the project consortium internally and the EC but will not be included in the public version of the deliverable T62

Ontology-based digital marketplaces for Industry Commons v1

Report on marketplaces cooperation based on outcomes from cooperation with projects and focussed as well as horizontal workshops T15

Ontology-based European data infrastructures v1

Report on ontologybased European data infrastructures T14

FAIR recommendations and cooperations report v1

The report on the cooperation with relevant initiatives projects and working groups within European and international umbrella organisations and on the recommendations for OntoCommons T13

Report on existing domain ontologies in identified domains

The report will include a survey on the current picture in the domain ontologies T32

Specification of initial cases

Detailed specification of cases including tools and ontologies to be used T52

OntoCommons Roadmap v1

Publication of OntoCommons Roadmap v1 for the longterm strategic development of developed ontology and data documentation to ensure long term relevance and implementation T17

Industry Commons Translator resources (Profile, Best Practice, Directory) and report on cooperation for furthering the role of the Industry Commons Translator v1

Report on industry commons Translator resources Profile Best Practice Directory and on cooperation for furthering the role of the Industry Commons Translator T16

OntoCommons Standardisation Impact Report v1

This report provides the state of EU contributions to Ontologies in the international standards arena and how OntoCommons has contributed to progress on the impact in this domain T12

TLO/MLO Landscape Analysis Report

Report on existing TLOs and MLOs used in the NMBP work programme domains of interest T22

Report on OCES Disciplines of Interest

Report on disciplines of interest to be covered by the OCES to achieve demonstrators objectives T23

Ontology ecosystem specification

Report on the first focussed workshop aimed at the definition extent characteristics and components of an ontology ecosystem on the way it instantiates FAIR principles for ontologies and on its potential for adapting to the context of Industry 40 T41 T42

Methodological framework for ontology management

Specification of recommended guidelines for designing developing maintaining and documenting ontologies in the domains at hand elaborating on the lessons learned from the methodologies present in the literature T44

OntoCommons ontology registry infrastructure

This is the online platform that will catalogue domainrelevant ontologies and serve OntoCommons ones T45

Report on the first focus workshop on domain ontologies

The report will include details on the outcomes of the first focused workshop for WP3 sessions the agenda list of participants organisation financial issues stakeholders inputs and workshop conclusions T31

Selection and specification of further cases

description of the selection of further cases and detailed specification of further cases including tools and ontologies to be used T53

Requirements on ontology tools and ontologies and criteria for selection of further cases

Set of requirements on tools and ontologies Set of criteria for selection of further cases T52

Report on communities interested in domain-specific semantics

The report will include list of stakeholders from different perspectives and backgrounds industry research academy ets interested in the domain T31

TLO/MLO Workshop Report

Report on the TLOMLO multidisciplinary workshop T21

Populated Domain ontologies registry

In collaboration with WP4 the registry will contain the industrial identified existing domain ontologies The registry will be continually updated during the project with the versions of OntoCommons harmonised and developed ontologies T32

MLOs Beta Release

MLOs Beta release T25

TRO Beta Release

TRO Beta Release T24

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