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Mobile Cross-Border Government Services for Europe


Specification of Reference Architecture

This deliverable covers a Reference Architecture which identifies the main building blocks and their interfaces

Overview of Legal Landscape and Regulations

This deliverable includes an inventory of the legal landscape and the regulations both existing and emerging that will have an impact on the mGov4EU pilot activities across the pilot domains in terms of drivers and barriers as well as their utilization and mitigation respectively

mGov4EU Business Model and Stakeholder Ecosystem

This deliverable presents the stakeholder ecosystem model and possible business models for mGov4EU

Project quality plan

The project quality plan the project handbook constitutes a set of project templates explanations of the project management process review process quality checks meeting organization which is communicated to all partners

Initial Dissemination and Communication Plan

This deliverable will describe the detailed plan for the project dissemination strategy to be adopted throughout the projects lifetime and It will define the plan with which the different stakeholder communities will be targeted as well as the social media that will be used

Specification of System Requirements

This deliverable provides an elicitation of major system requirements and a specification of Use Cases

Transdisciplinary Evaluation Framework

The scope of this deliverable is the documentation of the developed evaluation framework including methods processes and tools necessary to conduct the iterative pilot evaluations

Survey of related work

This deliverable provides a survey of related work with respect to mobile eID eDelivery eGovernment and eGovernance

Security Analysis of Interfaces, Apps, and Services

The focus of this deliverable is to provide a security and threat landscape of interfaces apps and services designed in WP2 including a taxonomy of threats related risks and derived riskmitigating countermeasures The deliverable hence serves as input for WP3 which can consider proposed countermeasures during implementation of the respective interfaces apps and services

Ethics and Gender Management Framework - V1

The deliverable includes a detailed description of ethics and genderrelated requirements to be met by the mGov4EU project as well as appropriate management procedures and tools to provide compliance throughout the runtime of the project Since ethics assessment is an ongoing task two iterations of the deliverable will be provided one early on in the project identifying initial challenges and another at the end of the project containing lessons learned

Prototype Implementation of mGov4EU Building Blocks

This deliverable provides a first prototype implementation of the four building blocks to be implemented in this WP to serve mGov4EU pilots early with a first working version of required software and to start pilot integration as soon as possible


YOU SHALL NOT COMPUTE on my Data: Access Policies for Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplaces and an Implementation for a Distributed Market using MPC

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Adapting the TPL Trust Policy Language for a Self-SovereignIdentity World

Author(s): Lukas Alber, Stefan More, Sebastian Mödersheim, Anders Schlichtkrull
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Towards Interoperable Vaccination Certificate Services

Author(s): Andreea Ancuta Corici, Tina Hühnlein, Detlef Hühnlein, Olaf Rode
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Enhancing European Interoperability Frameworks to Leverage Mobile Cross-Border Services in Europe

Author(s): Andreea Ancuta Corici, Blaz Podgorelec, Thomas Zefferer, Detlef Hühnlein, Stefan Dedovic, Jordi Cucurull, Hans Graux, Carsten Schmidt and Robert Krimmer
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Developing Cross-border E-governance: Exploring Interoperability and Cross-border Integration

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“When need becomes necessity”-The Single Digital Gateway Regulation and the Once-Only Principle from a European Point of View

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Towards Identifying Factors Influencing Mobile Government Adoption: An Exploratory Literature Review

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How to Implement the European Digital Single Market: Identifying the catalyst for digital transformation

Author(s): Carsten Schmidt; Robert Krimmer
Published in: Journal of European Integration, Issue 1, 2022, ISSN 1477-2280
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DOI: 10.1080/07036337.2021.2011267

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